Homes for Heroes



Homes for Heroes began just after September 11th, 2001 in an effort to say “thank you” to all the heroes that make the hardest of sacrifices. Today, Homes for Heroes represents a foundation that partners with real estate professionals all over the United States who work together to allow for huge savings and discounts for the heroes in our own communities.

In our 16 years of charity, this program has helped numerous people find a place they love at a price they love – and we feel we owe it to them.

Homes for Heroes

When it comes to buying, selling, renting, or refinancing a home, this program allows for a multitude of savings for heroes that give a multitude of service to our nation and communities on a daily basis.

The foundation connects those who need financial support or housing resources to all Heroes who have been injured while on duty or require extra help. To name a few, we assist military personnel, police/peace officers, firefighters, first responders and more.

Especially resourceful for our military personnel, Homes for Heroes believes that those who are hurt while on active duty should not have to suffer or bear the pain alone. Serious strains due to monetary issues and emotional problems can sometimes prevent a functional life in current living conditions. We are here to serve as guides through all aspects of the home acquisition process.

Other public servants like police/peace officers, firefighters, and firstresponders need the same stability, and deserve our help. We want them to afford to live in the communities that they serve, and believe that they should acquire such standards with the help of our program.

I am a proud local affiliate with Homes for Heroes, and I’m happy to help you reach you and your family’s needs. Our local branch of Homes for Heroes, serving both Pitt and Beaufort counties, gives back over $25,000 a year to local heroes. If you are a firefighter, healthcare worker, teacher, law enforcement officer, or military person, Homes for Heroes may be an option for you. To see if you are eligible, click on the button below to visit their website.

homes for heroes